Thursday, October 22, 2009


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30 pages


  1. Thanks, also for taking the time to translate the afterword and colophon.

    I'll remember Black Dog's wise advice and count prime numbers next time some pretty girl presses her soft body against mine on the bus... BRB, just going for a brisk run around the block and a cold shower.

  2. You're welcome.
    I try to translate entire doujins (including postscripts, forewords, colophons, etc) whenever possible.
    Glad you took the time to read it, much appreciated ^^

  3. Thanks a lot man.

  4. Excellent choice again, thanks. ^^
    Will you translate the Sailormoon one too (TUBULAR BELLS)?

  5. Actually, I am planning on translating Tubular Bells next. Sailor Venus is my favorite after all. I hope I can finish it by mid- November.

  6. Thanks a lot Ayane-san.
    It was a master piece job. ^^

    Black Dog is my favorite ero mangaka and I love his job. That's some ones that aren't in English yet ( Atum, Soft Machine) and that's really a pity. ¬¬

    I'm glad you want to take Tubular Bells next. Sailor Venus is my favorite too.^3^

    See you.

  7. Thanks a lot for translating this fine new Black Dog jewel, it was brilliant ^_^

  8. will you translate [Black dog] sex pistol +

  9. That's another favorite doujin of mine.
    I have already started translating Tubular Bells, and I'm planning to translate Mitama Matsuri IV by Kikusui Iori (Soul Calibur IV doujin) next.
    If no one translates Sex Pistols + by then I will translate it.

  10. Thanks a lot, I'm a big fan of Black Dog and I think your awesome.

    I think it's great to see that someone is interested in scanlating the ones that haven't been done yet.

  11. You are really great, thank you

    The ones missing to be translated in english are listed here. I hope someone can translate them too.

    - Midgard (Diamond) & Submission Sailormoon After - Black Dog & Outer World
    - Sex Pistols+ - SM
    - Tubullar Bells - SM
    - Atum - School Rumble
    - Soft Machine - ToLove
    - Dragon's Dream - Noein
    - Weather Report - Genshiken
    - Hierophant Green - SM
    - The Grateful Dead - SM (Only missing the original story)
    - Planet Waves - Onegai Teacher
    - Earth Wind & Fire - Onegai Teacher

  12. Just FYI, Tonigobe has been commissioned "Tubular Bells" ... Maybe you want to revise your plans, few like to work on something that's already been translated.

  13. Great work on this. I loves you for it! Too bad about Tubular Bells. Frankly, Tonigobe's translation of Cream Starter, while decent, wasn't nearly as good as your work here. Alot of his dialog, while presumably accurate, came off as awkward and unnaturual. But apparently he's almost done, so it would probably be counter-productive for you to continue with it.

  14. Thanks for informing me, very much appreciated.
    Since I'm already halfway through Tubular Bells, I think I will finish it this time. The same thing happened when I was translating Hellabuna's Queen's Blade, it got translated by someone else, so I stopped (but I was only about 8 pages in then).
    Anyway, I will continue with Tubular Bells and upload it here as usual, for those who are kind enough to visit my blog and/or comment.

  15. I'm happy to know you'll continue with Tubular Bells. Really thanks Ayane.

  16. Thanks for translating these! Reading various blogs, I see many translators comment on the difficulty of translating a BD doujin, as his dialogue is hand written and sometimes hard to understand. My deepest gratitudes for you taking the time to do so.

    I'm sure many people will be happy to see tubular bells translated. Pretty quick since it was released as well.

  17. You're welcome.

    Black Dog's doujins are fairly easy to translate actually, compared to, say, Kitahara Aki's doujins. Nonetheless, Kitahara's doujins are truly amazing.

    I wish I could put up more translated works here, and in a shorter amount of time, but I'm doing this during my spare time, (which I have little of), so I am able to finish 1 to 2 pages a day at most.

  18. Great work, it´s perfect.


  19. You rock Ayane. Chocalate Disco rocks! I really like the choice of words! If you have time plz tranlate Sex Pistols+. I already wrote about it on the comments section in the Tubular bells one. Yes, same anonymous ^^.I know is kinda weird asking for this on Christmas eve but i remember this was my wish for Santa...ok just kidding but still... Hahahaha, Merry Christmas!!