Thursday, January 7, 2010

[Secret Society M, Kitahara Aki] Utahime No Shouzou 3 (Dead or Alive) English

Download link: e-Hentai Gallery
Download link: Rapidshare
58 pages
The original scan was pretty poor in quality, so I had to clean up each page here and there as well. Unfortunately this manga is so rare, and this was the best (in terms of resolution) version I could find. It took me a while to translate, especially the ramblings in the last 2 pages. It was really interesting nonetheless, but pretty much a waste of time, since no one is going to read it anyway. I'm still not sure what to translate next...oh well, we'll see.


  1. I like that saga ^^ I yhink I have it all or almost of them.

  2. Just a question: maybe you're planning to translate the last Black Dog's book, Tower of Gray?

  3. Hmm, since you're translating Volume 3, are you planning to translate the rest? I think i saw 4 volumes in e-hentai.

  4. As far as Black dog doujin goes, some other translators might have started on translating Tower of Gray already since it's new. Why not have a go at some older works of black dog's? Like Sex Pistols+ for instance?

  5. @marco1701 - I won't be translating Tower of Gray, mostly because I've never liked Sailor Jupiter, and also, I'm sure it'll be translated by someone else really soon.

    @Sillarra - Currently I've no plans to translate the others. Volume 4 is already translated, you should be able to find it on e-Hentai galleries. The quality of the translation isn't very accurate, but still readable.

    @Anonymous #5 - Yep, I expected as much, and I don't have any intention to translate Tower of Gray anyway. So far the current Comiket 77 releases have been rather disappointing, and I still haven't come across any doujin that really caught my eye. I'm especially disappointed with the latest Rei by Hellabunna...Ayane didn't appear at ALL. I've been considering translating Sex Pistols. If I don't see any awesome C77 doujins out within these few weeks, I'll give Sex Pistols a good consideration. But I can't gurantee anything though.

  6. thank you so much

  7. Tower of Gray still isn't translated =/ PLEASE TRANSLATE IT Ayane <3

  8. ayane can you please please translate tower of gray!!! :D please, please!!! <3