Sunday, September 5, 2010

[Circle MTSP] Tousaka-ke no Kakei Jijou 3 (Fate) English

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30 pages
I will be translating Volume 6 next.


  1. Saber's involvement kinda make no sense. Damn, I wish he would blackmail Sakura+Rider...

    Anyway, big thanks, Ayane.

  2. This whole doujin doesn't make sense period, but it's H so little does. Rin isn't low on cash and since her family is the guardian family of the city the magic association or however it's called in the game give them funds to protect the city. The last thing that would happen would be Rin ending up broke with huge debt, but hey, again, it's just H.

  3. It does make sense, and the premise of this doujin is pretty simple.
    Basically in order to achieve victory in the Holy Grail war, Rin spent and borrowed huge amounts of money, and so that's how she ended up in this 'predicament'.
    It's stated quite clearly in Vols. 1 and 2.

  4. fuuu yea! Was waiting for this.

  5. I think it makes sense, this is clearly in the Rin normal ending where Saber is kept summoned and Rin is her master. The guy informs Saber of what Rin is doing and offers to cut the time in half if she participates too, what would not make sense is Saber not agreeing to help her master.

  6. Frankly, personally, I mentally sorted it as "pointless scenario", but nonetheless, I'm very fond of MTSP's delicate drawings.

    So, thank you very much, Ayane, for the translation :)

  7. @Anonymous #4
    That's correct, except in this story, Saber does agree to help Rin. It's stated pretty clearly in Vol.3, in the first 3 pages.

  8. thanks for the great job! keep doing your best^^

    how about other chapter??


  10. don listen to that asshole above me, but in other hand,

    I would even pay for reading the translation of sakiko-san book, the art was so great.
    Still have hope someone'll translate it some day

  11. Hopefully you'll will take a break from fate before doing vol 7. Not like I dislike the series or anything, but the past 5 releases have been MTSP Fate. Would be good to have some variety. *Don't take this comment as an offense

    I'd personally would like to see the newest black dog translated "Dark blue moon" since you haven't worked on BD for a while and phantom is busy with tower of gray. You two are like the only ones that translate Black dog's works. I guess we could also wait till the winter comiket for Blackdog's next doujin. I have a feeling it will feature venus&mars, which you could be more willing to work on.

    Would be interested in seeing the sakiko san book translated as well. Perhaps you are hesitant to translate it since there are so many pages, but you could just take your time if you do decide to do it.

  12. Is this following the story line of the "Unlimited Blade Works" from the game?
    How many volume dose this doujin expand to??

  13. Ayane , is posible to make a request for a translation for [Hallenchi Planet] doujins?