Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Nyanko Batake (Murasaki Nyaa)] Pitapita Kyouei Mizugi EX01 (Original) English

Download link: e-Hentai Gallery
Download link: Mediafire

Here's the translation for Pitapita Kyouei Mizugi EX01 :) Hope you all enjoy reading it.
As usual, I'm still looking for some of his previous works -
- [Circle Nyanko Batake, Murasaki Nyaa] Pita Pita Kyouei Mizugi 5
- [Circle Nyanko Batake, Murasaki Nyaa] Pita Pita Kyouei Mizugi 1-3 Shoushuuhen

Till next time :)


  1. Many thanks for the release Ayane.

  2. Thanks, I was wondering if this existed or not.

  3. hi,
    you can find Pita pita kyouei mizugi 1-4 here:
    Only the complete pack link is still online

    any news about Pita pita ... 5?

  4. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the notice, much appreciated.
    Unfortunately the pack still doesn't contain Pitapita Kyouei Mizugi Volume 1.
    I think a lot of people mistake Kyouei Pantsu for Volume 1, but in fact they're totally different.
    Sadly, I haven't seen Pitapita 5 yet either...

  5. Thanks so much! I'm also a really big fan of the artwork, and really wish I could find the others...I'm even thinking of buying some of the books from their shops, as I noticed you can order a few of them for international shipping. Though, only for the more recent ones...

  6. Erm sorry to bother, but i managed to find pitapita kyouei mizugi 4 [murasaki nyaa]

    Here's the link

    I dunno if you already has it though =_=

  7. If you're still looking for it, you can find 5 here:

    Number 6 is out, too: