Monday, November 9, 2009

[BLACK DOG] TUBULAR BELLS (Sailormoon)(C76) English

Download link: e-Hentai Gallery (uploaded by someone else)
Download link: Rapidshare
34 pages
Here's my version of Tubular Bells by Black Dog. Hope you like it.
I will be translating a Soul Calibur IV doujin next, and it will be ready end of November.


  1. Thanks Ayane.
    Black Dog has always the same history, but it's still my fav.

    Waiting your next great job.
    See u

  2. Woot! Thaaank, you!

  3. Thanks! I like your font and choice of words more than tonigobe's. Good that you decided to finish translating it afterall.

  4. Thanks!
    I really like what you did. I hope that you'll translate the other doujin of Black dog cause you're awesome.

  5. Hey!
    Thank you very much. It´s a incredible doujinshi.

    See yaa! ^^

  6. You are awesome! Plz if you can translate Sex Pistols+. Is a really sexy one with Sailor Venus and Mars which is not OASIS, If you do scanlated every major Black dog doujinshi would have been scanlated! I know it takes time and effort to scanlated but it really rests on the goodwill of a few. If I had the money I already would have it commission but I'm fucking poor at the moment. If you are interested here is the gallery : . Merry Christmas!